Translated offers a certified translation service in language combination, german and slovak, 
In addition to the price of the translation, which is about 20 EUR per page, official services are priced as follows:

Sworn Translations 

German - Slovak

Slovak - German



EUR 20/page

Service fee

EUR 20


EUR 10

Fiscal stamps

100% refundation

if necessery

Total price

US $108 - GB £127


Prices are indicative, and will be confirmed based on translators’ availability, volume of content to be translated, urgency of the request, and shipping destination of the hard copy/paper documents.


How to get a quote

You can contact us via the online form, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You should send us a scan or photo (as long as it can easily be read) of the documents you need to translate. If you need a sworn translation, in addition to the documents, we need the following information in order to calculate a quote:

  • Consult any specific instructions. Different authorities and institutions have different requirements, and most of the time they clearly specify the type of translations they are willing to accept. In this case, please inform us beforehand. so that we can prepare a correct quote. We prepare certified translations in acordance with slovak legislations for german language, and this translation product is accepted in Germany, Austria, and Switzeerland.


Frequently Asked Questions